Iowa DOT Plans 200 Plus Newsrack Siezures at Ia Rest Stops.Read here go here

Free Press and First Amendment

Free Press and First Amendment Crucial To Freedoms,

Forefathers Wisely Built In Protected First Amendment and Free Press As Key Factor of Restraint On Abusive Government Actions.

No Free Society Functions Long Without Extensive Free Press Exposure Of Government Actions.

Newspapers and This Crucial Function In the United States Are Dying......

Because Single Copy Sales That Are The Key to Distribution Have Been Restricted......
Many totally blame the Internet competition, which is Indeed a factor, but newspapers were and are declining because of loss of ability to maintain input of new readers from single copy sales, which feeds other sales.

Newspaper empires were built with circulation that originated by sales on the sidewalk. A percentage of those sales moved to mail and direct delivery, but single copy originating sales were the key.

Now, Foot Traffic on the Sidewalks has diminished to Insignificant, in all but the largest cities down town. Foot traffic has moved to private malls.

Private malls are not generally open to news rack newspaper distribution, thus the old sidewalk newsboy or newsrack up date is out of business since most street shopping foot traffic has moved to private malls.

Rest Area sidewalks

The motoring public have to go to the bathroom. Commercial and private travelers all enter these rest area facilities daily. Five thousand to twenty five thousand in these 24 hours a day rest areas, go in those doors at a typical rest stop and use the sidewalk that is open to news rack distribution.

Therefore, rest areas are the ONLY still useable public property still guaranteed open to first amendment activities and open to all, without the government ability to squelch at will, on some pretense.

We think it important to all Americans, it Be kept that way.

Circulation and Operation of U.S.Newspapers Died or Shrunk 35% 2000 to 2010,

Newspaper Advertising Revenue
"Below is the image Originating site with Article"

The Above graph shows drop off in newspaper advertising. Back to 1950 levels. Our publications are supported entirely from sales and carry no advertising. However, graph indicates drop off in news papers sales as well and government ability to kill newspapers with economic factors..

newspaper boy
     Seizes All Newspapers, 200+Machines & Co. Money, No Notice

Iowa State Officials Making Fourth Attempt Of Legal Tricks To Eliminate Newspaper Distribution At Rest Areas

US Federal Court demolished first two "attempts" with injunctions.  Third a Dud For Protecting Rights
Newspaper Files Fourth Court Action Here

Harlan Jacobsen Copyright ? 2003    
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State Of Missouri Attack On Newspapers Right To Distribute and Blatant Seizure Without Notice, Of Hundreds Of Machines Engaged in a Constitutionally Protected Activity.

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Thanks to our now laid off Employees,, (Some as long as 25 Years,) Volunteering to Help In Making These Pages Exposing A Runaway Governments Out of Control Actions.


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